We provide
private and small-group online Counseling classes
for youth

Students from Grades 9-12

Real life skills to be Career and College Ready

Our unique curriculum and activities are designed to instill real-life skills and knowledge in students. 

We make our counseling sessions relevant to daily life and challenges as much as possible so that our students would be motivated and fully engaged. We teach how to survive in high school, choose a major and find perfect matching school based on academic level and financial status, prepare for college education, tips and skills for successful college application and to receive scholarships.

Scholarship Referral & Recommendation Letters

We strive to help our students to get into a college that best fits their character, skills, knowledge and desires. 

We provide guidance on how to write successful college application essays, and provide referrals and tips to secure College Scholarships in our counseling sessions. Our instructors and mentors provide full personal guidance and direction to our students. We helps students how to stand out and prepare a portfolio and projects so we can refer them to universities, companies, and organizations.

1 on 1 Counseling Sessions

We provide opportunities for 1-on-1 time with a Licensed School Counselor. 

Students will be advised on how to How to be Colllege Ready and choose a major that fits individual needs. Our experinced and licensed counselors mentor our students on how to stand out and prepare a portfolio and projects for College Application and guide them to programs and universities based on their characters, academics, and financial status.

We hold Counseling Session for individual needs

Live private/small group lectures weekly
Live lab time for meeting with a Counselor
Opportunities for 1-on-1 time with a Licensed School Counselor
At home learning and homework structure

We provide Referral for Scholarships and Recommendation Letters

Individual guidance and direction by our instructors and mentors
How to write successful College Essay, CV, and apply to Colleges
How to stand out and prepare a portfolio and projects for College
How to be College Ready and choose a major that fits individual needs
Refer students to universities, industry, organizations, programs and scholarships

We utilize our own Learning Management System

Live counseling sessions
Dynamic platform and software
Lifetime access to counseling resources and materials

We offer Interactive and Relevant Curriculum

Instill College Readiness in students
Personal Guidance for meeting true potential of each student
Guidance through real life scenarios and skills.

We provide Age-Appropriate Counseling Courses

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level courses
Course placements based on ability levels
Trending and Emerging topics
Specially designed curriculum for kids

Counseling Courses

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