Our Curriculum

Live Sessions

We hold 1 hour long live weekly synchronous lessons to teach our students to maximize learning.

Small Groups

Students learn and interact with their instructors, mentors, and peers in small groups consisting of 4-8 learners in all of the live lessons and live lab times.

Lab Times

 In addition to Live Sessions, we hold 1 hour of practice/lab time with peers, instructors, and mentors to reiterate what’s learned in the live lectures.

1 on 1 Support

We are able to help our learners in 1-on-1 fashion during our live lessons and lab times.

Developed By Professionals

Our curriculum is developed by an expert group of educators, engineers, instructional designers and computer scientists. We use the latest instructional technologies and strategies to ensure our students not only effectively learn coding skills but also have fun while learning with live lectures, lab times, mentoring, 1-on-1 helps sessions, hackathons and challenges. We have an emphasis on project-based learning with creating games and practical projects that actually solve real life problems in our students’ daily lives. 

Curriculum Features

Interactive & relevant

We attempt to make our lessons and hands-on coding projects as relevant to daily life and challenges as possible so that our students would be motivated and fully engaged. 

learn through fun & games

Our materials, projects and lessons revolve around the idea that kids learn better and faster through playing and designing games while learning.

WorkfOrce Readiness

We provide opportunities for producing breakthrough projects for the students and refer them to companies, organizations, and the computer science industry.

real lıfe codıng skılls

Our unique curriculum and activities are designed to instill real-life coding skills and knowledge in students. Many of our projects either solve societal or current problems popular at the time.

We Hold Live Synchronous Lessons & Lab Times

Our teaching is based on a unique strategy and structure in which we hold 1 hour long live weekly synchronous lessons with small group of students (4-8), 1 hour of practice/lab time with peers, instructors, and mentors to reiterate what’s learned in the live lectures, and complimentary asynchronous activities and materials such as tutorials, videos, at-home projects that can be completed by students through self-learning and at their own pace.

Interactive Curriculum Design

Our Curriculum and activities are designed to be interactive and relevant for our students. For instance, weekly meetings with students consist of live lectures, interaction with peers and instructors, and labtime where problems with projects are discussed and solved.

1-1 on Help & Guidance

One of the important strategies we use is 1-on-1 help and guidance for our students in our live interactions every week.   

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Web Curriculum

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