We provide
private and small-group online Math classes
for youth

Students from Grades 3-8

Real life Math skills at or above grade level

Our unique curriculum and activities are designed to instill real-life Math skills and knowledge in students. 

We teach not only math skills but also how to tackle problem solving with Math questions. We make our lessons highly relevant to daily life and challenge our students so that they could be motivated and fully engaged. We teach various techniques and problem solving methods at or above grade level in Math.

Discover future talents

We strive to discover talented coders at a young-age so they can be productive members of the future workforce. 

Our instructors and mentors provide project guidance and direction to our students. We provide opportunities for producing breakthrough projects for the students and refer them to companies, organizations, and the computer science industry.

Learning Math through fun & games

Our teaching methods revolve around the idea that kids learn better and faster through playing and designing games while learning.

Many of our projects are game-based and full of fun activities to keep our students interested and engaged in the taught material and topics. Whenever possible, our student projects have an end goal of teaching coding through game design and animation.

We teach Math using Unique Instructional Strategies

Live private/small group lectures weekly
Live lab time for practice and completing projects weekly
Opportunities for 1-on-1 time with instructors and mentors
At home learning and homework structure

We develop Interactive and Relevant Curriculum

Real-life Math skills
Discover future talents
Learning through fun and games

We utilize our own Learning Management System

Live sessions with your instructors
Dynamic teaching platform and software
Lifetime access to coding courses

We Discover Talent

Project guidance and direction by our instructors and mentors
Opportunities for producing breakthrough projects
Refer students to industry, organizations, and firms

We provide Age-Appropriate Math Courses

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level courses
Course placements based on ability levels
Trending and Emerging topics
Specially designed curriculum for kids

Math Courses

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